I covered the case of USG vs. PFC Manning for RT, RT.com and Vice.

Here's some of what I did.

The Torture of Bradley Manning (Dec 2012, Vice.com)
Bradley Manning Pleaded Guilty Yesterday: 'I Did It' (March 2013, Vice.com)
Bradley Manning's Court Testimony: Leaked (March 2013, Vice.com)
Bradley Manning's Trial Starts Today (June 2013, Vice.com)
'Broken-souled idealist': Hacker confidante who exposed Manning testifies (June 2013, RT.com)
Manning 'ready to pay price for living in free society,' asks Obama for pardon (June 2013, RT.com)
Bradley Manning Was Convicted of Espionage, And We Protested at the White House (July 2013, Vice.com)