On August 9, 2012, I was made aware of TrapWire, an intricate global surveillance infrastructure touted before members of the world’s biggest governments and discussed in depth by staffers at Strategic Forecasting, or Stratfor, a private intelligence firmed hacked last year by members of Anonymous.

Upon first consideration, I wanted to think it was total bullshit.

I barely slept that night, though, and over the course of several hours I raced to unravel as much as I could about TrapWire and its affiliates using publicly available information on the Web which, in turn, yielded the first news article available on the Internet about the surveillance system. Although it had been discussed online for several years, Wikileaks’ publishing of the hacked Stratfor emails as a trove of data called the Global Intelligence Files clued me and the rest of the world into an operation that appeared to be straight from a work of science-fiction.

In the days that followed, I continuously attempted to dig deep for as much information as I could find on TrapWire and the corporations most closely linked to it — California’s Cubic Corporation and Northern Virginia’s Abraxas — as did a handful of other activists and researchers who refused to let the story die.

Two weeks after that initial article, the TrapWire saga has barely made it onto the radar of the mainstream media. A New York Times article played the allegations off as “wildly exaggerated,” and a separate story in Slate said my initial report was “rooted in hyperbole and misinformation, heavier on fiction than fact.” On the contrary, continuous digging both on my part and through the research of others has unearthed an impressive amount of material that has not only further supported my original TrapWire article and the subsequent stories I have done since, but has allowed myself and others to get a glimpse into America’s intelligence community that we might never have considered otherwise.

In an effort to make information about TrapWire more easily available for me and for those searching on the Web (where information about the program is still few and far between), I’ve created this page as a means of linking to TW-related articles I’ve written, as well as a series of clips that feature me discussing the revelations on-air.

For more (read—the most) on TrapWire, however, I recommend you head over to Project PM.


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